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For as long as she could remember, Desirée wanted to be a performer. Having learned several musical instruments and after a few appearances on TV and local theatre as a child, the bug bit her and has never left. However she decided to train in the less risky career path of engineering, acquired a BEng (Hons) in Chemical Engineering and continued to go to auditions and perform in small music and theatrical projects after graduation.

After reading Donald Passman’s book Everything You Should Know About The Music Industry, she was horrified by how artists were remunerated by record labels and other middle men in the industry and vowed she would find a way to make a difference.

Shortly after, Desirée landed a role in the creative industry working with some of the best advertising and marketing minds of that time and became a successful freelance consultant in London. However, her love of music and her mission always remained in the back of her mind.

Alongside her marketing career, the Berklee Online Alum led or supported different music projects including co-managing an indie record label, co-ordinating creative marketing for an album release, digital distribution for a charity single leading to a Top 20 iTunes UK placement with little marketing or PR and has also handled multiple digital release campaigns.

She has also built an extensive body of work in international marketing with 20 years experience in print, radio, TV, experiential, digital, social and mobile. She has designed and managed campaigns launched in over 30 countries across more than 20 different brand sectors including technology, film, music, gaming, entertainment, sport and lifestyle and intends to bring a wealth of relevant knowledge, best practices and innovation with her to the constantly evolving indie music business space.

Through her own personal experience, Desirée has discovered how creativity, like meditation, is key to wellbeing and spiritual practice and is now on a mission to encourage it’s adoption into everyday living.

She loves mentoring new entrants to the creative industry and enjoys delivering training specifically on social media in business principles. Recently, she has started speaking to business groups about how to find their audiences online and the use of analytics to better inform marketing strategies.

Born and resident in the best part of London, the south, Desirée loves travelling, live performances, knitting, writing, photography, singing, playing instruments, acting and watching Superhero movies.

Her favourite genre? Great music with a beat, a vibe that somehow touches her soul to make her cry, dance or shout for joy.