How will you remember today, January 20th 2017?

Last night, I watched a news segment on one of the rolling news channels, I can’t remember if it was Fox News or CNN, where 3 US women shared their expectations and opinions about what today means for them.

I can’t get out of my head the image of one woman who was physically shaking in fear. She could barely string her sentences together. She could only see the future as dismal and dark.

As for the other two women, they were not entirely optimistic either, but they were hopeful that checks and balances would get them through what they believe will be a living nightmare.

What were they scared of? What follows the inauguration of the Donald J. Trump as the  45th President of the United which occurs today at 5pm GMT (London/Belfast).

Even though I don’t live in the US, I’ve always regarded it as my second home as it’s the place I’ve travelled to the most outside of my native UK homeland. So what I hear and see in terms of videos and opinions from my US friends pulls at my heartstrings.

However, this post isn’t to ratify or vilify the current political standing but to appeal to each person’s soul who reads this.

I believe, collectively as a planet our energies contribute and are responsible for what happens to all of us. All our holy and metaphysical tomes tell us this. While it’s hard to understand why the planet is in the situation she is in now, one thing we should focus on is changing our fear for something else with a higher vibration.

Fear of Donald Trump and what his cabinet may or may not do, fear of change, fear of anger, fear of lack, fear of loss, fear of losing control, fear of losing dependency on someone to take care of us, fear of others who don’t fit into our world view, fear of not understanding the world we live in, fear of…. everything. Right now I can see how it’s literally fuelling our existence. And despite this, fear is real and we shouldn’t deny or wave away it’s very existence.

When we take steps away from the things that grips, paralyzes, and causes us go in a downward spiral of negativity, we typically find a place of peace and more love. Especially self-love.

Unconditional self-love cannot thrive in the environment of fear, hate and ill-feelings towards others.

So this is what I ask: please choose how YOU want to remember this day. The power is with us and where we place our focus.

Let’s make today, January 20th the day that we smashed a goal, finally made a decision, created joy for ourselves or someone else. A day to be kinder to ourselves and others. Indulge in treats. Let’s take back our own power to choose where we place our attention and efforts.

While the world is on tenterhooks on what the new administration will do, affecting 300m+  people in the US and it’s territories and approximately 3-6bn more people on the planet, we are still responsible and accountable for what we do with our own lives within the constraints of the law and our ‘perceived’ resources. I say perceived because we always have more than we see due to our limiting beliefs.

Will today be the day that we commit to using the powers we still have to create the life we want or will we submit to powers who wish for us to be in perpetual fear over real news vs fake news where the lines are becoming ever more blurred?

As for me, I am taking one day at a time and I have chosen to utilise my own power to spread love, share positive messages and want people recognise their own power too.

Now is not the time to hand our power over to others…

We attract more of what we focus on. Please consider what you want more of in your life especially today – Friday 20th January 2017.

With love and blessings xxx

Image Credit: Kaboompics

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