Is Creativity important for all?

We all feel sooooo good after a session using our hands to create something right? It doesn’t even matter if the final product is a masterpiece or not either. It’s the sense of accomplishment that gives us that glow leaving us craving for more.

For you science-y types (like me), maybe you want some empirical evidence to back up that soft, marshmallowy feeling you get when there is paint all over your hands, clay in your hair or yarn threads all over your clothes. Or maybe that banging hook just can’t leave your head.

Am I right? Ok – let’s take a look.

Creativity Predicts a Longer Life

Yep, we’re gonna live longer than those super-analytic types just because it draws on a bunch of neural activities  in the brain which protects our health according to American Scientific. Student of successful people, James Clear mentions in his blog that being creative can help to increase positive emotions while reducing negative ones and helped to improve stress levels and stress management in cancer patients.

Better Adaptability to Life

Those who are more creative can be more resourceful when it comes to solving problems. The ability to go beyond existing frameworks with confidence and willingness to try new things which may be unproven is a true test of the creative mind. With a fast changing world where careers expire within a generation, it’s even more important now than ever that children and young people are allowed to flex their creative skills in order to thrive.

Creativity breeds Confidence

The nature of making yourself vulnerable, sharing your inner expressions is no mean feat. Gusto and confidence are required to deal with criticism, acknowledgment, positive endorsements and rejection can be overwhelming. Over time and perhaps with support, confidence grows and managing the ups and downs of living a more creative life becomes easier. Like riding a bicycle which in turn can also enhance your creativity try out new techniques, art forms, collaborations and more.

Innovation – Creativity’s by product

As described by Shelly Berc, creativity is the unique bridge between sometimes two or more disparate thoughts, ideas or concepts. How many times have you sat through a brainstorm session and ideas are rejected out of hand because they do not seem to be ‘workable’ or too radical? Without that bridge of creativity, the ongoing enhancements in our world today would be stifled and rigid. Thanks to all those creatives for their boundless thinking and the innovators for making it happen.

Sense of Purpose

Ever since we all started looking for our passions en masse over the last few years, many people turned to their childhood to reignite their most joyous memories. As children, we played, imagined, created & repeated the cycle again and again. Being creative helps us to explore our feelings of fulfilment, worthiness and sense of purpose. Plus it also helps us reconnect with the source of inspiration which for many is a power bigger than ourselves.

So how do you plan to be creative today? Do anything – even a doodle. It’ll add creative vitamins to your life.

Image credit: Studio Various & Gould


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