How I lost 19lbs in 40 days without following the rules

I was totally surprised when I jumped on the bathroom scales on Saturday morning.

I’m still doing my weight loss dance!

This isn’t advice but just my method of applying all the healthy habit ‘rules’ that worked for me.

Unfortunately I don’t have any before or after pics as I wasn’t intentionally trying to lose weight. I will take pics to chart my loss of what  I’m calling “The Last 16lbs”.

Watch the video, let me know what you think and feel free to post your questions below.


I'm an entrepreneur with a passion for the music business, social marketing and media. A long term geeky chick, I like to share my viewpoints on the world as I see it while sharing cool discoveries too! I live in London, UK.

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  1. Loved the video. Inspirational. Starting my journey on 2nd January as this will be a long road for me which requires discipline. Haven’t been able to load the group on my iPad on Facebook but will keep trying. Will be keeping my food diary and weighing in regularly. Let’s go!!! Px

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