Blogging RIP?

After I finished re-skinning my ageing blog, I stumbled across this article in my inbox at work; Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter

Instantly, I thought should I have bothered to spend umpteen days looking for a theme that I liked without too much back end re-coding.  But then I thought, I quite like to share my thoughts and knowledge and for the most part, this is blog is where I can do it.

So I say long live the blog for those of us who like to express ourselves in more than 140 characters (I love Twitter by the way) and single media uploads per post (I think Tumblr is fab too).


About Desiree

I'm an entrepreneur with a passion for the music business, social marketing and media. A long term geeky chick, I like to share my viewpoints on the world as I see it while sharing cool discoveries too! I live in London, UK.

One thought on “Blogging RIP?

  1. Z

    Say it ain’t so. I’m still in love with blogs. Am I showing my age? I agree there is a time and a place for blogging and twitter but they can live in harmony in the same social media world.


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