Love and living by your passions

Valentines DayAs the western world indulges in celebrating lovers with all things red, heart-shaped and sparkly with diamonds, I’m going to be focusing on love itself and passion today. Particularly on the love that I have for myself.

Most recently, I’ve tried to adopt the position of letting my love flow unconditionally. I don’t need reciprocation, I don’t need motivation – I just love with kindness and generosity. I have to admit initially it was not very easy, but once I got used to it I remembered that was how I used to be as a child. Negative thoughts and energies just melted away. Always and optimist, but now I only focus on the positive aspects of individuals or situations whilst also holding a fully balanced viewpoint. And because I don’t have an agenda I’m rewarded multiple times over – everytime!

This Tuesday I had a breakthrough in my coaching session. When I fedback to my coach on the past month’s achievements, it slowly dawned on me what I have been trying to achieve in the last year or so, I managed to achieve in the last 4 weeks. And it was down to my mindset – me finding that place of love within myself for myself. My search for balance.

So now as my Circle or Wheel of Life now starts to look more like a circle and is therefore reflecting a more balanced life – before it was a horribly mis-shapen and broken – I’m looking at my passions in life. Naturally creative and open-minded, my friends will tell you I can come up with a business idea within minutes or work out how to monetize an idea very easily. And as as result I’ve created a very long backlog of ideas when the first one isn’t even out of the gate yet. In fact I just give ideas away because I don’t want the creativity clogged up in my business ideas folder on my Mac.

For the last year, I had willed myself to work on one idea at a time which became protracted and even though I care about these projects/business ideas (they’re my babies) I recently started to question whether they were aligned with my passions. But also what are my true passions? How do I distinguish what I’m good at, with what I’m interested in with what I’m passionate about?

So in the past month my health and fitness, spiritual life, relationships, finance, learning, family relationships aligned with my intention for my life – my life design. And I now realise that it’s because I am/was very clear about what I wanted. “I want to lose 2 inches off my waist and lose 14lbs”, or ‘”I will feed my body consciously with healthy foods without denying myself of the tastes and indulgences that I love”, or “I want to be in relationships with people who are divinely/spiritually inspired and are conscious with how they use their minds positively” or “I want my relationships with my immediate family to be so tight I can talk honestly and openly”. And those thoughts and intentions have manifested very quickly.

Interestingly enough, because of how I look at what I want in my life now, everything has gone 180 degrees whereby I effortlessly go to the gym which I now love, meditate every day, write in my gratitude journal daily, surrendered and allowed love into my life before the ‘scheduled time’ (!), and eat consciously. Before adopting a state of being in constant gratitude I found these things quite hard to do.

And now the different faces of love currently surrounds and supports me, I’m now looking at what I want to be and what I want to do because now I realise, I’ve been living by my knowledge base and professional experiences as a Marketing Consultant, my current asset, but truly I believe the strongest assets I have are my passions.

I describe a passion as something that I will eat, sleep, consider it as play not work, will do 24/7 if I could for little or no pay. It’s not an obsession but something that helps me to grow as it will feed and nurture me in a positive way.

What led to this is that many friends have been very supportive by recommending me for opportunities as a marketing consultant. Instinctively, my feelings didn’t respond as positively to them as the 2 opportunities presented to me by friends last month which are aligned to one of my passions. And as I believe life is too short, we should strive to do what we love and live by our passions, I need to walk my talk. Also I started to feel bad for not feeling that grateful for my friends efforts – and I truly want to be.

This weekend, I’ll be digging deep, exploring and being honest with myself about what I want to be and do with passion. I’ve done the exercises before, however as I’m in a very different place spiritually my approach will be different and I intend to bring about deeper and stronger truths about myself.

This is exciting, because previously what I am has consumed my being for so long. Once I’m clear on what I am and what I do, I can then with communicate this to the Universe and also to friends who want to continue to support not just my career, but my passions. I have an ideas what I want my headstone and epitaph to say and it’s definitely not ‘Marketing Consultant’ because I am more than that!

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